viernes, 5 de julio de 2013

Pyrene (2013)‏

Pyrene (2013)‏
-Donor Bike : Ducati 900 SSie’98
-OEM  front fork
-RAD carbón fiber front mudguard
-O24  brake rotors
-Frentubo brakes and clutch  lines
-OEM brake calipers
-OEM brake and clutch levers with RAD foldable and regulabe levers
-RAD Cnc machined upper yoke with riser, OEM  low yoke
-Rizoma conical handlebar
-T&T  clock
-Pyrene  front light
-Modified OEM frame
-LIPO battery
-Repositioned electrical wiring
-Engine with ported heads ,adjusted and blue printed.
-MWR air pods
-EVR 48T  clutch with EVR diamond pressure plate.
-EVR slave piston
-Worked front suspension
-Extreme schock rear suspension
-Tsubaki god chain
-SUPERMARIO 2 in 1 exhaust line
-Spark homologated megaphone
-RAD seat and upholstery
-RAD plate numbers
-RAD  carbon fiber rear mudguard
-RAD Blinkers
-Modified Ducati Scrambler  rear light support
-Montesa rear light
Fotografía: Del Perro