miércoles, 17 de julio de 2013



 ¡One of my first Works !

 -Donor bike : Ducati Road 250 ‘76

-Modified frame

-250 ccTuned engine with Ducati 24H camshaft, ported heads.

-Amal 27 carburator

-Ducati 24H megaphone and exhaust line.

-Ducati 24H horas front fork

-Ducati 24H front drum brake

-Akront aluminium rims

-Tomaselli clip ons

-Ducati 24H dashboard

-Ducati Silver Shot Gun front light

-Betor rear shocks

-Modified Jonie rear moto cross mudguard made in glass fiber

-Montesa rear light

-“Isma” special electrical wiring

-“Il Dottore” modified 24H glass fiber fuel tank

-24H seat + upholstery

-24H  footrests

-More than 150 kph of pure adrenaline !!!!!.............RADICAL!!!!