lunes, 26 de agosto de 2013

OLD BLUE (2006)

OLD BLUE (2006)

-Modified Cromo Molibdeno Special Monster ’93 race frame
-SP  ergal CNC machined triple clamps yokes
-Tomaselli clip ons
-900 SS engine, ported heads , light flywhell.
-DELL’ORTO PHM 41  carburators
-Domino quick open throttle.
-Pederccini  ignition units
-DYNA coils
-Wolfman  2 in 2 exhaust system + RAD aluminium silencers.
-Monster 900 showa fork
-Monster 900 wheels.
-Braking front rotors
-Braking rear  rotor
-Floating rear caliper ( Superlight system)
-SP ergal cnc machiner rear suspension arc
-Brembo PR19 radial brake pump
-Frentubo  Kevlar/ergal brake and clutch lines
-Carbon fiber Monster front mudguard
-Carbon fiber rear cylinder air coolers
-SP ergal cnc machined footrest
-RAD carbon fiber fuel tank ( unique design)
-Aermachi Ala D’Oro solo seat
-Painting : a tribute to Cook Neilson’s OLD BLUE , winner of the 1977 Daytona 200 miles race.

Pictures : Javier Fuentes

The OLD BLUE making of :

RAD Brakes with Discacciati !!

749R RADICAL (2004)

domingo, 25 de agosto de 2013

748R'01 #474 For Sale

748R'01 #474  For Sale

 Is a New bike (1000 Km)

-Carbon fiber airbox + carbon fiber air funels

-Carbon fiber SBK front bracket
-Glass fiber front fairing with two ellipsoidal light (the one of the picture) + Race glass fiber fairing, both painted
-Glass fiber race fairing painted yellow( the one of the picture)
-Glass fiber race  solo seat painted yellow (the one of the picture) + original solo seat
-EVR eprom + air filters
-SIL MOTOR 45 to 50 exhaust  system + carbon fiber race silencers + original silencers
-Marchesini aluminium forged wheels

Price : Consult

SCRAMBLER 900 (2006)

SCRAMBLER 900 ( 2006)

Technical Schedule:

-Donor Bike : Monster 900’97
-Rizoma  handlebar
-Brembo PR 19 radial brake pump.
-Frentubo  Kevlar/Ergal brake and clutch lines
-Tuned engine :  Wiseco high comp pistons, lightflywheel,ported heads
-KN air filter
-Dynojet carburation kit
-Pederccini 2.4 elctronic device
-Hyperpro spring for rear schcok
-Hyperpro spring  kit for front fork
-Single swingarm Monster 93-97 kit
-916 rear wheel
-Braking 916 light rear  brake rotor
-2 in 2 Wolfman exhaust sytem + Lasser megaphones.
-SP  ergal cnc machined footrests
-RAD  SS carbon fiber front mudguard
-Road Racing carbon fiber  Air intakes for brake calipers
-RAD carbon fiber air coolers for raer cylinder
-ALP front light
-Aviacompositi dashboard
-Led rear light
-Road racing blinkers
-RAD carbon fiber side panels
-Rizoma mirror
-Aluminium  Road Racing fuel tank
-Simpson  stearing damper