martes, 30 de julio de 2013

48 SPORTIVA (2010)‏

48 SPORTIVA (2010)
-Base: Ducati 48 Sport’62
-Alluminium Akront/ Morad  rims
-Inox spokes
-Dunlop race wheels
-Magnesium  gp  front brake
-Modified Jazen exhaust system
-Original  Ducati 48 cc engine.
-Modified frame
-Betor  rear schocks
-Ducati 48 Sport original fuel tank
-Race solo seat

Pictures : Javier Fuentes

From Sweden Johann Radicalize his Sport Classic‏

Very good Job !!

miércoles, 24 de julio de 2013

NEW : MWR air filter kit for Hypermotard and Hyperstrada 821‏

NEW : MWR air filter kit for Hypermotard and Hyperstrada 821.
NUEVO :  kit de filtro de aire MWR para  Hypermotard e Hyperstrada 821
Original type air filter. 63.50 € + vat
Filtro de sustitución del original. 63.50 € + iva

POWER UP kit , a real and easy improvement of power. 44,80 € + vat
Kit POWER UP , una  fácil manera de ganar potencia. 44,80 € + iva

POWER UP, easy to mount !!
Fácil montaje del POWER UP !!

More performances for your 821 !!
Más potencia para tu 821 !!

sábado, 20 de julio de 2013

A day in the Races - JARAMA 1997

A day in the Races - JARAMA 1997 - Ducati 350 
Riders :
Juan Garcia de Aguinaga
Pepo Rosell

NEW !! MWR Panigale air intakes + aluminium bracket‏

NEW !!  MWR  Panigale  air intakes + aluminium bracket
More power and  smooth throtle  answer for PANIGALE !!
Mas potencia y mayor suavidad de funcionamiento de motor para la PANIGALE!!!
The MWR air intakes (much more bigger than originals) + aluminium front bracket + HE or R air filter , is not only more power in all the range but  more smoothness in the engine answer that avoid the engine brokes !!
Las entradas de aire MWR (mucho mas grandes que las originals) +  la araña de aluminio especial + el filtro de aire HE o R , no solamente da mas potencia en todos los regímenes sino también una mayor suavidad en el funcionamiento del motor, que impide las roturas de motor por la brusquedad  en la entrega de potencia.
The MWR Panigale kit is sell  separately. 
El Kit MWR para Panigale se vende separadamente.
Air intakes + aluminium  front bracket : 320 € + vat (entradas de aire + araña en aluminio : 320 € + iva)
    HE/R air filter + holder kit :  119.45 € + vat (filtro de aire HE o R + soporte del filtro de aire : 119.45 € + iva)
    This kit of air intakes + bracket is Only could be mounted in track fairings , don’t fits in original fairing with lights.
Este kit de canales de aire + araña solo puede montarse en carenados de pista , no se pude montar en el carenado de origen con faros.

miércoles, 17 de julio de 2013



 ¡One of my first Works !

 -Donor bike : Ducati Road 250 ‘76

-Modified frame

-250 ccTuned engine with Ducati 24H camshaft, ported heads.

-Amal 27 carburator

-Ducati 24H megaphone and exhaust line.

-Ducati 24H horas front fork

-Ducati 24H front drum brake

-Akront aluminium rims

-Tomaselli clip ons

-Ducati 24H dashboard

-Ducati Silver Shot Gun front light

-Betor rear shocks

-Modified Jonie rear moto cross mudguard made in glass fiber

-Montesa rear light

-“Isma” special electrical wiring

-“Il Dottore” modified 24H glass fiber fuel tank

-24H seat + upholstery

-24H  footrests

-More than 150 kph of pure adrenaline !!!!!.............RADICAL!!!!

From Berlin (Germany) Adrian Radicalize his 999‏

viernes, 5 de julio de 2013

Pyrene (2013)‏

Pyrene (2013)‏
-Donor Bike : Ducati 900 SSie’98
-OEM  front fork
-RAD carbón fiber front mudguard
-O24  brake rotors
-Frentubo brakes and clutch  lines
-OEM brake calipers
-OEM brake and clutch levers with RAD foldable and regulabe levers
-RAD Cnc machined upper yoke with riser, OEM  low yoke
-Rizoma conical handlebar
-T&T  clock
-Pyrene  front light
-Modified OEM frame
-LIPO battery
-Repositioned electrical wiring
-Engine with ported heads ,adjusted and blue printed.
-MWR air pods
-EVR 48T  clutch with EVR diamond pressure plate.
-EVR slave piston
-Worked front suspension
-Extreme schock rear suspension
-Tsubaki god chain
-SUPERMARIO 2 in 1 exhaust line
-Spark homologated megaphone
-RAD seat and upholstery
-RAD plate numbers
-RAD  carbon fiber rear mudguard
-RAD Blinkers
-Modified Ducati Scrambler  rear light support
-Montesa rear light
Fotografía: Del Perro