lunes, 14 de octubre de 2013


Philippe is a cool french guy that phone us for “Radicalize” his bike.
He come to Madrid to bring his ST2 to us, for modify it and take a look to our shop.
Philippe saw our RAD02 UNO and fall in love inmediately: “I want my bike like UNO !!! “.
We spend one complete day for make concrete the project of his bike, wich equipment would be mounted: Discacciati Brakes System, RAD triple clamp yokes, Carbon fiber bodywork, Ergal clip ons, Aviacompositi rev counter, Elipsoidal homologated front light, S2R swingarm, 5 spokes wheels, Engine tuning, Two in one exhaust with megaphone......And more, and more !!!. :-)
He was like a child in a toy shop !!!
All our bikes are customized including the name, each bike made in Radical has his own name.
For the Philippe’s bike we decided to name her ST RacerSTR
And we began the work.......
-First steep: Dismount the bike and fit the S2R single side swingarm and wheel. Mounting the clip ons and began the reposition of the electrical wiring and ecu.

-Steep two: Modifying the rear of the frame, cut, strenght, welding, and make the new seat support.

-Fittings for the relais, fuses, ECU and rear wiring. 
Hola Philippe, Here is your seat......a beat hard, but don’t worry !! :-)

-Steep 3: Modifying of the front of the frame. Construction of the fittings for the fuel tank. Coils and battery supports. 
Racing air filters for the injector throthle bodys.

-Fuse box fittings.



-Finally we can mount the Carbon fiber RAD02 Café Racer bodywork......A hard and big job !!!

-Steep four: Construction of the front bracket and support of the front light. The front light is an omologated elipsoidal light 5 cm diameter with high/low beam in the same light. 
Mounting of the radial brake/clutch Discacciati pumps.

-Making the Licence plate holder. 
Also the rear light and blinkers support.

-Multitubulare !!

-And the Time of Fabrication is over. 
Now we must dismount all the bike for sand blasting,
 and go to painting process.

-What a Pretty Frame !!! .... 
Ready to begining the definitive bike assembly.

-RAD Triple Clamp Ergal Yokes. What a Beauty !! 

-Assembly Go Ahead !!

-It,s narrow !!!, all the parts have his space......
sometimes milimetrically !!

-WE PRESENT......STR......

-Carbon fiber RAD02 Montjuich front fairing 
-Elipsoidal High/low beam Omologated front light 
-Carbon Fiber front fender 
-Disccaciati Brake/clutch radial pumos. 
It’s really narrow !!!

-The Cuckpit:
-Aviacompositi Carbon Fiber dashboard
-RAD ergal lightened upper yoke
-Carbon Fiber key holder
-Ergal suspensión adjuster
-Discacciati brake/clutch pumps

-The RAD02 Carbon Fiber Gas Tank is absolutely gorgeus !!! . 
The transparent stripe is the fuel level
(like the old endurance race bikes).

-Beautifull the RAD02 Carbon Fiber Solo Seat. You are seat in the air !!

-As the italian says: SNELLA !!!! What a rear wiew!!! 

The rear light is the one mounted in the 70’ s spanish bikes
(Bultaco, Montesa,...)

-The Exhaust System is a 2 in 1 (45/50 mm diameter), Made by WolfMan finishing in a nice RAD megaphone made by Spark.

-Discacciati Brake/Clutch Radial Pumps 
-Discacciati CNC machined Calipers 
-Discacciati lightened rotors 
-Frentubo hand made brake lines 
-Five Spoke wheels 
-Carbon Fiber front fender 
-RAD carbon fiber bellypan 
-Alluminium water hoses


-The silver powder coating frame is very pretty, 
and make a beautifull contrast with the carbon fiber.

-The ECU is fitted under the solo seat
-Carbon Fiber rear fender  
-S2R single side swingarm 
-Rear schock is the original ST2. 
The gas tank has been repositioned in the frame

-Rearsets, are ST2 original modified with folding pegs from Rizoma 
-Ergal EVR pinion cover
-Carbon Fiber chain guard 
-Reinforzed Tsubaki O ring chain in gold colour

-The eEgine has been dismounted, blue printed, balanced and mounted 
-Ported heads
-Alluminium TSS light flywheel 
-Pressure plate from EVR 
-Rizoma Clutch cover 
-Engine goes smooth, torquey and powerfull !!

-STR, a real 21th century Café Racer, with the flavour of the “old good times” and the feelings and performance of a modern race bike. 

Give a second chance to your bike: RADICALIZE your Ducati.....
BE RADICAL !!! :-)