martes, 2 de abril de 2013

From Austria LWR bike‏

From Austria  LWR  Bike. 
 -1098 frame with Hypermotard engine
 -Carbon fiber RAD02 Corsa solo seat
 -Carbon fiber RAD02 Corsa evo fairing
Technical schedule:
-Engine: Hypermotard 1100SP- 100HP, 120NM on the rear wheel
-Clutch: STM slipper clutch
-Generator and E Starter: removed
-Wirenss: spezial LWR, 1,5 kg less than standard
-Frame: 1098S
-Subframes: aluminium
-Suspension front and rear: Öhlins
-Dry weight: incl. batterie and all liquids, without fuel 136 kg
-Bodywork: RAD carbon
-Wheels: BST Carbon
-Exhaust: pipes made by LWR, cans arrow titanium GP2