domingo, 1 de enero de 2012

Rad02 "Uno"....140 kg / 140 cv by Radical Ducati


-RAD02 frame, front bracket and rear subframe in alluminium. Only the frame weights 4,1 kg.
- RAD02  Alluminium hand made swingarm.
- ITX alluminium forged wheels.
- Bodywork in carbon fiber (fuel tank, solo seat, mudguards and fairing).
- Ohlins rear schock and fork.
- Discacciati brake system: Rotors, radial calipers, radial pump, in the rear special 200mm rotor + down caliper system.
- Exhaust 2 in 1 54/60 Wolfman / Spark
-999’03 engine with lightened flywheel, EVR antihooping clutch and Ducati Corse Superstock special heads (ported, big valves special camshafts).
-Electricals: Aviacompositi carbon fiber rev counter, race wiring and EVR 3 programable ecu.
-EVR carbon fiber big airbox.